Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Once lived in Old Buckenham

Neave, Lovett and Harper
One blog reader, Alec Cooper of Harleston, saw the blog entry on 9th January 2013 entitled “Behind the mantelpiece”and was prompted to share details of his maternal grandmother’s story with the readers. This is information that formed a small part of his family tree research. A move brought Alec to Wymondham in 1968 and then later he retired to Harleston, often travelling through Old Buckenham without knowing it was home for some of his ancestors.
The lady’s maiden name was Edith Neave and she was born in 1878. The 1881 census shows that she and her sister Sarah Elizabeth lived with Robert and Lydia Lovett’s family in Attleborough Road, Old Buckenham. Lydia’s maiden name was also Neave and she was born in 1824 and married in 1848.

Edith’s photograph was taken when she was about 20, just before the time she got married to a Hussar. She met him in Old Buckenham and the story goes that the horse he was exercising entered their cottage doorway to get the apple that she was eating. He convinced her that the horse would not leave without the apple!
The other photograph is of Alec’s grandfather, Harry Harper, in his 7th Hussar’s uniform and taken about the same time as Edith’s.
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