Monday, 25 February 2013

More on Senior Citizens' Lunch in Old Buckenham

What was on offer
A full roast dinner with plenty of vegetables was provided for everyone. Then there was the choice of sweets and a plateful of mixed cheeses to eat your way through, all washed down with glasses of wine or fruit juice.
Everyone had been given a free raffle ticket on arrival so the raffle was drawn next while the entertainer got ready on the stage. Country and Western songs were then sung for an hour or so to let all the meal be digested and give some people the opportunity to join in with the lyrics of songs remembered from many years ago. A couple of cards of cash bingo were played before more food arrived in the form of homemade mince pies, tea and coffee.
The afternoon finished with a big thank you to all the organisers and volunteers with the main cook being called out from hiding to receive a large bouquet of flowers.
Soon everyone was drifting out of the hall while some volunteers were still washing up in the kitchen...

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