Sunday, 26 February 2012

West End Waiters from Watton

Singing for the senior citizens
The West End Waiters are a group that enjoy singing and other people enjoy their singing too.
At the Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch in Old Buckenham they provided the after dinner activity, keeping their audience entertained and amused as they sang their way through a wide variety of songs.
There was some Gilbert and Sullivan, some Flanders and Swan, something written by Richard Stilgoe and a medley from one of the Two Ronnies tv programmes.
They also involved the female members in some short sketches and a Scott Joplin piano piece.
With the minimum of props they brought the songs of Flanagan and Allen to life, reminded everyone of the Cub Scout salute and even made good use of a plastic duck.
The audience enjoyed it all and sang along with the group when it was appropriate.
The group do these occasions to raise money for charity, in particular a medical charity that provides help for a problem suffered by one of their members. The lunch organisers were happy to give a substantial donation as a thank you for the entertainment that had been provided and enjoyed by all.

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