Monday, 20 February 2012

Getting more popular

How many people read this blog?
The popularity of the Old Buckenham blog has been growing steadily since it started in December 2008. The figures are tiny compared with many other blogs but two milestones have been reached today. There have been 700 posts (or 701 if you include this one). And at around 3pm today the total number of visitors over the years has now exceeded 20,000.
Not all come looking for information about Old Buckenham, they may want photos of snow scenes or plans for duck houses. But they are all welcome and hopefully they learn a little bit about our interesting village.


Anonymous said...

Make that 20,001 !! I have relatives in Australia who look at it.It's a lovely way for them to see what's going on.DH

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Old Buckenham and my parents still live in the village. I love the blog as I can keep up to date with what has been happening and look at the photos. Sometimes I'm the one telling my mum and dad about what's going on in the village - and I live 160 miles away!

Anonymous said...

My late parents-in-law lived very happily in OB for almost 30 years until they passed away. I read the blog to keep in touch with what's happening as I am rarely in the village to pick up the newsletter. Cathryn