Monday, 12 September 2011

Produce show part 2

The decision makers
One thing the visitors don't see is what goes on after all their entries have been put on the display benches and they have gone home to have some lunch.
This is when the panel of judges move in. Quietly they go round looking and examining all the individual entries. Using their own specialised expertise they decide on what has come first, second or third in each class. Following on behind are the stewards who are recording the results and completing place cards. Also behind the scenes there are others analysing the points in each group of classes and deciding who will win the various cups and prizes.
By the time the exhibitors come back in the afternoon, everything is ready for the public to see how well everyone has done and to consider how they might do better next time.
Of course not everyone agrees with the judges' decisions, just one look at some of the children's monsters made from fruit and/or vegetables shows how difficult the job of judging can be. 

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