Sunday, 21 August 2011

Practical recycling

Garage sales galore
There was activity all over Old Buckenham today with over thirty households having their own personal garage sales. People came from far and near to see what they could find, with one person's 'rubbish' often turning out to be just what they wanted. There was extra car traffic, plenty of people cycling around and even more walking from place to place and discovering parts of the village that they had never seen before.
The event was organised to raise funds to pay for more equipment on the recently opened recreation area. Over a hundred people bought maps to find where all the sales were taking place while the hot dogs, bacon rolls and other refreshments sold out quicker than expected.
Those households selling their unwanted goods seemed satisfied with the level of sales and so a lot of stuff that would have gone to landfill went away to live a little longer.
The weather just about managed to stay dry, the sun popped out occasionally and soon after lunchtime everything calmed down and the village returned to its near normal sleepy Sunday state.

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