Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Answers on village issues

Quiz your parish council
A special forum meeting arranged by Old Buckenham Parish Council will be held on Saturday 24 September at the Village Hall starting at 10am.
There will be an update by parish council members on various village projects and this will be followed by an open forum for residents to put forward their ideas and opinions. So you have just a month to think up those questions.

Six hundred up
Some irrelevant statistics. This is the six hundreth post on this blog since it started in 2008. The site now gets about 150 visits a week and three-quarters of these are from the UK.
The United States come next with 8% and all other countries are less than 2%. Visits have come from around 150 different countries all over the world and a third of all visits have arrived via a Google search.

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Anonymous said...

Bring back Jan Scrutton!! We miss you!