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June parish council meeting
These notes of the parish council meetings are prepared by the editor of the village blog from the draft minutes and so may contain information that is amended later at the next month’s meeting.
All members of the parish council and the parish clerk were at the June meeting of the parish council and four members of the public also attended.
Minutes of Annual General Meeting. These were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
Matters arising from the minutes. Derek Smalley asked if someone else could sit on the Youth Council working party as he had a large amount of work with other working parties. It was agreed that Akis Chrisovelides would replace him on the working party.
Minutes of the May Parish Council meeting. These too were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
Matters arising from the minutes. Adrian Joel asked if any decision had been made as to where the parish archives would be sited and displayed. Derek Smalley will put an item in the village newsletter asking for volunteers for the scheme. Paul Boggia suggested the village hall as a possible site and John Frost said they could be stored at the church. The meeting was informed that Gerald Norton had a mower belonging to the Parish Council which needs to have a new storage place. It was suggested that the church could store it.
Allotments. Adrian Joel gave out plans of the allotment layout for new councillors as well as a suggested addendum to the tenancy agreements that are in force at present time. Water is now available on the site and this fact needs to be incorporated into the tenancy agreements. Adrian Joel asked for the parish council’s permission to send out the addendum and this was agreed. Sarah Windle raised the matter of the colour of sheds on the allotments. Tim Ing read out an email from the landowner regarding a blue shed which he said was not in keeping with site. Jonathan Kemp said shed colours should be restricted and Adrian Joel would inform Old Buckenham Allotment Society of this at the next liaison meeting. The Parish Clerk is to write to all allotment holders on the matter. The question of the water supply was raised and it was agreed that a new stand pipe be inserted in between plots 2 and 3 at an approximate cost of £100. The question of the exit from the allotments on to Ragmere Road was raised but Tim Ing said that the landowner would not provide another exit.
Recreation Area. Carol Marshall gave an overview of the progress of the project for the new councillors from its initial inception in 2009 up to present date. Johnathan Kemp then distributed a business plan for the project which was circulated to all councillors who were then invited to ask questions. The Parish Clerk said the project must provide detailed audit trails of all major decisions and expenditure for government auditors as the project was in excess of £50,000. Derek Smalley raised the matter of the ground condition and Carol Marshall informed everyone of the ground works that have been carried out to date. Adrian Joel said that the business plan was excellent and that the Parish Council should adopt it. This was agreed unanimously. Sarah Windle raised matter of groups booking the facilities and paying for its use, no decision was reached on this point.
Planning applications. Barns at Amberley, The Green. Extension to time limitation of previous planning application. No objections from parish council, this was agreed unanimously.
The Shrublands, Puddledock. Alteration and modernisation of Shrublands, conversion of existing coachhouse for ancillary accommodation and construction of garden room and garage. No objections from parish council, this was agreed with two abstentions.
The Shrublands, Puddledock. Demolition of mid-20th century bungalows and conversion of barns to 8 dwellings and erection of 15 new dwellings. It was proposed that this should be objected to on the grounds that is was outside the village settlement boundary. Also there were concerns over access and there is no exception criteria valid. This was agreed with 9 for and 2 objections.
Planning decisions received from Breckland. Dairy Barn, Cake Street. Introduction of a glazed window to kitchen at rear. Approved.
Harlingwood Lane. Erection of two detached cottage-style dwellings and garages. Rejected.
Doe Lane Meeting notes. Adrian Joel raised the matters of access to the Church which can be difficult with the play area. Tim Ing is to raise this matter at the next meeting of the Green Rights Proprietors. He also said that the Amenity Area was already being considered by a working party.
Youth Council. Carol Marshall has received information from Breckland Council about setting up youth councils and will be holding a meeting of the working party in near future.
Chairman’s report. Tim Ing asked working parties to keep him involved of the dates of their meetings as he would like to attend some if he has time. If he cannot attend, he asked if they could supply notes of the meetings so he can keep fully informed of progress.
District Councillor’s report. The mileage allowance for community car schemes in Norfolk has been increased from 40p to 45p per mile. Breckland have offered to cover half the cost of the increase, they will consult both co-ordinators and Parish Councils before agreeing a recommendation. Derek Smalley said the other half of the increase should be passed on to the users of the scheme as the service is a far less expensive alternative to public transport.
Parish Councillors’ reports. Tom Johnson had attended the recent ACT meeting in Attleborough which clearly showed the residents of Attleborough were against the proposed expansion scheme. Derek Smalley also attended the ACT meeting and put notes from the meeting in the circulation folder for all councillors to read. He also attended a neighbourhood watch meeting in May at Attleborough Police Station. He is trying to set up a home watch scheme for Cake Street and re-vitalise the existing Old Buckenham schemes. He had been unable to attend the SNAP meeting as it clashed with the Parish Council meeting. He is still trying to establish a bulk oil purchase scheme in the village. Carol Marshall said there would be a grand opening of the Recreation Area on Saturday 23 July with a football match at 2pm. Also they are planning a fund raising garage sale in the village for Sunday 21 August. Sarah Dye said she is in contact with Norfolk Rural Community Council regarding training in the maintenance of play areas. Adrian Joel read out a note from the working party to support the village shop.
Parish Clerk’s report. The Clerk read out an email regarding the scouts doing litter picking in the village. Also an email from the Play Area working party saying they have been awarded a grant totalling £2712 which would pay for equipment and fun days for the play area. They would have to purchase the equipment first before getting the grant and Clerk asked for Parish Council permission to fund the grant. This was agreed.
Highways. Carol Marshall said the Dambrigg Crossroads where the B1077 and B1113 meet needs all the white lines repainting. Also, a crossroad sign at the Hargham Road/Grove Road junction is covered in hedging which needs cutting back. The Parish Clerk to arrange with NCC Highways.
The Green. Tim Ing said the next meeting of the Green Rights Proprietors would be on Tuesday 7 June and he will raise the question of parking at the pub and play area. Derek Smalley raised the matter of grass cutting on the Green and Tim Ing said the matter will be on the agenda. Adrian Joel raised the matter of the Parish Council doing maintenance on the Green once the current contract runs out. Various councillors voiced their views on the subject. John Frost said he had encountered and spoken to people from outside the village at the war memorial and they had commented on how nice it looked, its good location and said that it was a credit to the village.
The next meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council will be on Thursday 7 July in the Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.

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