Monday, 23 May 2011

Only 25 years ago...

What the Domesday project told us
Twenty-five years ago the BBC Domesday project collected basic information from all over the country, often from schoolchildren and local organisations. The entries for Old Buckenham make interesting reading today. Those living in the village now  might like to compare this description with what exists now.

In Old Buckenham there are four shops:
Whelan's sell frozen food, bicycles, 
confectionery, and does dry-cleaning 
and hairdressing.  Mr. Oliver's is the
butchers.  Spar sells groceries, has a
full off-licence and Post Office.    
Bloom's sells groceries, hardware,   
drapery, footwear, frozen foods and  
green-grocery. There are two pubs, the
White Horse and the Ox and Plough.   
The village also has a Garden Centre 
and two nurseries. There is also a   
Garden Machinery and repair shop.    
There are two garages which sell     
petrol and do repairs and an Antiques
shop. There is a Fish and Chip van   
which comes round 4 times a week.    
There is a once daily bus service    
to Norwich.  There are 3 bus stops, 2
telephone boxes and 6 post boxes. For
a doctor or dentist we have to go to 
Attleborough, Wymondham or Diss.

You can read more about the Old Buckenham of (not very) long ago by visiting the BBC website.

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