Friday, 4 February 2011

Luncheon Club say thank you

Meal for helpers
The first Luncheon Club meeting in February was a chance to thank all those other people who help to make the running of this service possible, particularly by providing transport each fortnight to get the members along to the village hall for their meal.
Over forty people sat down in Old Buckenham Village Hall for a beautifully cooked roast beef dinner. Organiser Bridget Burton took the opportunity after the meal to mention all the different people who had helped throughout the last year. There were those who had raised funds for the Club, those drivers who pick up the diners each time, all the cooks and the other helpers who put out the tables and chairs, serve the meals and wash up afterwards. In return Barbara Parker thanked everybody on behalf of the club members and Mike Bartlett said how much the guests had appreciated being invited to take part.

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