Tuesday, 15 February 2011

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Start of Debating Society
At an exploratory meeting held on Saturday 29 January it was agreed to establish an Old Buckenham and District Debating Society. Meetings of the Society will be held on the first Saturday of each month between 10am and noon in the Church Rooms (although the venue may vary occasionally).
As a start various issues were suggested as a basis for discussion, for and against, and voted upon. The potential subjects included whether the expenditure cuts are occurring too fast, should forests be sold off, should Attleborough expand to Bunns Bank, AV electoral reform, how welcome are the events in Tunisia and Egypt, the implications of Wikileaks, more regulation of banks, the legalisation of prostitution, reforms in the NHS and whether multi-culturalism is working.
The first meeting will be held on Saturday 5 March at 10am in the Church Rooms. As a start two or three of the above issues will be discussed, those chosen depending on the views of those attending.
From April onwards the format will be one subject per meeting. Arguments for and against will be put by two speakers to be followed by general discussion, questions and answers, and then a vote. Remember that the subjects mentioned earlier are just some possible issues and any further ideas are welcome. Contact Tim on 860388 if you need further information.

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