Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Old Buckenham Lily Fund

History of the Lily Fund 

As it was not possible to have lilies at the service at Easter this year, people sponsored remembrance lilies to decorate the church on All Saints Sunday. 
The Lily Fund was started up in 2001. A few members of the congregation suggested it would be good if, at Easter, departed family members and friends were remembered by lilies in the church. This started up with 20 lilies, each costing £3 plus a donation if one wished. Money collected was specifically for adding to the church facilities, items that would not be possible under normal fund raising and all dedicated to the memory of the departed. This event has grown in quantity and monetary value except for this year because of Covid-19. However donations have, as usual, been from £5 to £100 and this year £1,600 was collected for 150 lilies, remembering mostly local people who lived in the village or some relatives who live some distance away. 
Over £27,000 has been raised over the last twenty years and the money spent on the following items: Memorial Book and bookcase, green altar frontal, silver chalice with fish motif, £1,000 towards path to burial ground, silver ciborium with fish motif, main notice board at gate, credence table and decanters, £3,333 for Church Restoration, white and red altar frontals, £300 towards Church path extension, £120 towards a replacement bible, £1095.60 to restoration window fund, red and green and white chasubles, nativity figures, thurible, boat, spoon and stand, book of Gospels, purple altar covering and chasuble, All Saint's Nativity Christmas cards, up-rated PA system, liglium (folding lectern) and help with Raise the Roof re-thatching fund.

The church is open from around 9am to 4pm each day and you are welcome to pop in and view the displays over the next couple of weeks.

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