Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Old Buckenham weather radar latest

Met Office looking at options
The Met Office have sent the following information to the Parish Council:
Since the withdrawal of our planning application for a proposed weather radar at Old Buckenham in March of this year (planning number 3PL/2019/1555/F), we have been exploring two alternative options to our original plan.  One option focuses on reduction of the radar tower height at the original site whilst the other option focuses on an alternative site suggested by the airfield, with a taller tower. 
 As part of our preliminary work, we would like to advise you that we will be visiting the Old Buckenham airfield and nearby Anglian Water site on Abbey Road on Wednesday 2 September and will be using a cherry picker to demonstrate the potential tower height at both sites. The cherry picker will arrive at the airfield mid-morning and will then move to the Abbey Road Anglian Water site by mid-afternoon. The vehicle will not be using roads through the village and will be leaving on the same day. 
 In order to maintain similar coverage levels to those possible from the originally proposed site, the tower height requirement will be different for the two sites. The height of radar towers largely relates to the height of the land it is sited on and the height of surrounding trees and buildings. The land at the airfield is lower lying than the land at the Anglian Water site. The cherry picker will reach to the new heights at both locations and allow us take photographs and measurements for consultation and planning reasons.  
We would like to stress that we are currently evaluating both options and we will continue to keep you informed of any progress. 
So look out for things high in the sky on Wednesday...

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