Sunday, 9 August 2020

Clearing out in Old Buckenham

Take part in yard sale
There will be a Yard Sale in Old Buckenham from 9am to 1pm on Sunday 20 September. Properties on Doe Lane, St Andrew's Close/March Field Way, The Green, Attleborough Road, Fen Street, Crown Road and in Stacksford have booked in to take part.
There are over twenty places booked so far but the more the merrier so get in touch with Steph Gipp if you would like to be added to the map that she will be producing. Steph can be contacted by email on or by phone 01953 860550
There is no charge for taking part in the sale but a small charge of £1 for maps, any money raised will be donated to a chosen charity.
Please make sure that you contact Steph by Monday 7 September to make sure that you are included on the map.

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