Saturday, 23 May 2020

Old Buckenham says farewell

Local losses
At the present time and without the usual funerals being held at All Saints the editor felt it appropriate to include details of the lives of two villagers who have recently died.
Gwen Rix. Gwen was born on 22 April 1932 the eldest of seven children of George and Gladys Buckingham living in Sibton Green near Yoxford, Suffolk. They lived in a small farm workers cottage sharing bedrooms and beds as often happened in those days. However they were a happy family even though money and food was scarce. When Gwen was 14 years old she left school and went to work as a housekeeper, a job she enjoyed all her life. Being very aware that there was little money in the family and lots of mouths to feed Gwen did her best to support her parents as much as she could.
After her daughter Susan was born it wasn't easy to find a job where Gwen could take Susan with her and, after a particularly unpleasant experience, Gwen decided to leave her family behind and move to Old Buckenham. The job was to be a housekeeper for Stan at the house he had built called Tall Trees at the top of Doe Lane. Stan's wife had died young leaving him with a family, including a young daughter, to look after. Gwen and Stan fell in love, married and later moved to St Andrews Close They enjoyed 35 happy years together adding two more sons to the family.
With her brothers and sisters all living in Suffolk, Gwen was only able to see them once or twice a year. She did though become part of the village life in Old Buckenham for over 60 years, joining the WI, The Women’s Fellowship, the Women's branch of the British Legion and the Luncheon Club to name but a few. She loved singing and joined the village Singing Group run by Rosemary West which she enjoyed immensely. Her favourite song was Mario Lanza's "Be My Love" which she would sing word perfect and without any music even after moving to Windmill House in Jan 2018 when the dementia had sadly taken hold. Gwen loved taking part in all the concerts the singing group gave throughout the county. Gwen was very happy and contented living in Windmill House for the two years she was there. The care she received was exemplary and many of the other residents became part of her new 'family'. She joined in many of the activities taking place and there were lots of laughs with visitors and carers.
Gwen died on Monday 4 May. The funeral took place Friday 22 May at the Breckland Crematorium with only close family present.
(Details provided by Gwen’s daughter Susan Simpson.)

Ida Jolley. Ida passed away on Easter Saturday 11 April 2020. She was born at High House Farm, Cranworth, on 11 February 1937. Her father was a smallholder farmer and she was the eldest daughter of six children. Ida left school at 15 years old. Her parents moved to Park Farm, Abbey Road, in March 1955 where her father and brothers worked for Robert Gilmore.
Ida used to attend church in Old Buckenham on Sundays and during the week meet up with friends on the village Green which is where she met her husband Keith. Ida was also in the Girl Guides and St John ambulance, both of which she enjoyed with great interest. Keith was working at Larkmans in Attleborough as an apprentice agricultural engineer and Ida worked at Briton Brush. She cycled to work there with her two friends Maureen and Cynthia Soanes.
At 21 Ida got engaged to Keith. He had now finished his apprenticeship and had to do two years national service. They rented the cottage at Post Office terrace in Old Buckenham six months before Keith finished his national service so it was ready for them to move into when they married on 22 February 1960 in Old Buckenham church. Ida remained in this cottage for all the rest of her life, she was married for almost 49 years and was devastated when her husband died suddenly in October 2008.
Ida was kept going after her husband’s death by her strong faith and knowledge that she would be reunited with her beloved husband.
(Details provided by Ida’s niece Amanda Welham)

Villagers stand outside All Saints Church to pay their respects at Ida's funeral 
Ivy Beales, Ida’s sister, and her family wish to thank Amanda and her family for all they have done to help, particularly in making the funeral arrangements.

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