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Old Buckenham council minutes

Parish Council minutes for February
Old Buckenham Parish Council met on Thursday 6 February at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. Those present were councillors Jonn Hicks (Chair), Steve Milner, Adrian Joel and Mike Farrington Also attending were Rachel Noyes (Clerk) and seven members of the public.
Apologies for absence had been received from Andy Nicholls and Terry Cook. Ben Devlin was also absent but no apology had been received.
The minutes of the January meeting were approved (4 in favour). Matters arising from these minutes included that there had been no response to the council’s initial response about the Met Office proposal for a weather radar tower. Therefore the council agreed to object (4 in favour).
There were no declarations of interests not already recorded in the current Members’ Register of Interests
Financial matters. The community account balance was now £33,179.05 and no income was received in January. Payments approved (4 in favour) totalled £1,414.02 including accounting fees of £200, the clerk’s salary and expenses of £254.47 as well as £540 to Broadland Tree Services for the Christmas tree on the Green. Also Norfolk Association of Local Council’s courses had cost £168, village hall hire was £54 and community car drivers had received £197.55. A Precept Grant for £20,385 had been submitted.
Oliver Lee report. Oliver Lee had been employed to give a landscape architect’s view of the current Green. He gave a detailed presentation about his analysis of the Village Green. He initially looked at its composition, appearance and use. From these findings, he highlighted the need to create a more cohesive feel to the Green, a clearer boundary around the Green and how different areas could be developed. Several suggestions were put forward to achieve a clearer boundary and also more cohesive appearance, which included wooden bollards at each approach to the Green, using gravel spray grip on the roads to clearly indicate to motorists that they are entering the Green area, and selective mowing of the boundary and paths could help minimise the divisive impact of the road. He also felt that parking for the playground could be developed with the possibility of an informal gravel ‘square’ near the Ox and Plough could have several uses including parking and an event space. Additional suggestions included raising the canopy of some trees, additional tree planting and seating around the Green that could also be beneficial. Some of the suggestions would need approval from Highways. The Village Green Working Party and the Parish Council will look at these suggestions and decide if any would be suitable for the Green in the future.
New planning applications. (All planning applications are available for viewing on the Breckland District Council planning portal – - Parish Councillors have been asked by the chairman to view the new applications in advance of the meeting).
Bramble House (formerly Karmel), The Green. Two-storey side extension, single-storey rear extension, garage extension and change of roof direction (3PL/2020/0016/HOU). The Parish Council had no problems with the plans for the property and therefore proposed to support the application on the condition that any damage done to the track in front of the property by construction vehicles be repaired (4 in favour).
This led to a discussion about recent construction work in the village and the consequential parking of vehicles. There were strong feelings about some vehicles continuously blocking footpaths and causing residents to walk out onto dangerous roads around them. The formulation of a “delivery plan” during the application process was suggested.
Land South of March Field Way. Residential development of 9 dwellings and associated external works (3PL/2019/1401/F). Revised plans with additional information received. The developers have purchased additional land on which to build. The Parish Council felt the need to show consistency and therefore proposed to object (2 in favour, 1 against, 1 abstain).
The Farm, Doe Lane. Erection of new poultry shed adjacent to poultry shed number 7 and erection of associated three feed silos and removal of existing outbuilding. Provision of new steel shed adjacent to poultry shed number 13 (PL/2020/0071/F). This was supported by the Parish Council (4 in favour).
Nivelles, Fen Street. Proposed front entrance hall extension and alterations (3PL/2020/0113/HOU). This was supported by the Parish Council (4 in favour).
Planning decisions by Breckland Council.
Roughlands Farm, Grove Road. Prior approval for change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling (permitted development) Town and Country Planning ( General Permitted Development) Order 2015 Schedule 2, Part 3, Class Q (3PN/2019/0062/UC). This application has now been considered and the application has been refused.
Land to the west of 49 Hargham Road. Permission in principle for erection of four detached dwellings (3PL/2019/1164/PIP). This application has been withdrawn.
SkyFall, Cake Street. Proposed alterations, extension and garage conversion (3PL/2019/1567/HOU). This application has now been considered and the application has been approved.
Green Rights Regulations. The Parish Council have been informed of the updated name of a Green Rights Owner.
Health and Safety Policy. The chairman has updated the policy.
Chairman’s report. New Buckenham have published their Neighbourhood Plan and have kindly sent a copy that councillors are currently reading through. Monday 9 March is the new date for a joint Parish Council and Village Hall meeting (in the Memorial Room at 7.30pm). The Council is struggling to find a firm to complete work for gate through from the village hall car park to access the Chapel Green School MUGA. Management of jobs for the village handyman to be given to Village Green Working Party for regular maintenance jobs such as strimming round posts, etc.
Village Green Working Party. Bats had been found living in a tree due for cutting back. Environmentalist is needed to assess.
Road safety. Now have the mobile SAM sign which will be used in conjunction with the fixed one to monitor vehicle speeds throughout the village.
Play Area.The work not quite finished because of the wet weather. A safety inspection date of Tuesday 25 February has been arranged.
Recreation Area. Waiting for some dryer weather in order to roll the grass for the football pitch. It is planned that some trees will then be planted at the far end and the top right-hand corner sectioned off to protect orchids growing there.
Councillors’ reports. Mike Farrington reported another accident at Puddledock. There was a need to look at speed preventative measures such as illuminating warning signs. Steve Milner said he will be giving a talk about his recent visit to Antarctica in the Village Hall on Saturday 14 March starting at 7.30pm.
Items for the next agenda. These will include the agreement with the Ox and Plough on use of the village Green.

The next Parish Council meeting to be held on Thursday 5 March starting at 7.30pm in Old Buckenham Village Hall.

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