Tuesday, 10 December 2019

More from Old Buckenham Women's Institute

A busy year
The latest meeting of Old Buckenham WI was their annual meeting with reports on various aspects of the past year.
Secretary Betty Stacey reviewed the interesting speakers enjoyed during the year and the special events attended by members during this centenary year of the Norfolk Federation of WIs. The final event was be a Service of Thanksgiving in King's Lynn to be attended by some Old Buckenham members.
President Kate Lloyd reflected on the sadness this year brought with the death of some members and of some members' relatives. She looked forward to a fulfilling year in 2020. The committee was re-elected en bloc with one member having stood down and Kate was re-elected President. Mary Nicholls thanked Kate and the committee for their hard work during the year.
Alison Frank told members about her recent course at WI's Denman College learning about Kew Gardens including a visit there where she even managed the tree top walk. Susan Hunter reported on three quizzes entered by Old Buckenham WI in October and November. The team won the Village quiz, they came close in the next one but were let down by not knowing enough manufacturers of the 60 models of cars listed! Back in form they won the county WI Adviser's Quiz and were especially pleased to be the first winners of the Advisers' Centenary Rose Bowl.
Rosemary Pratt gave members details of the visit to Norfolk Cathedral's Broderers' Guild workshop where among other wonderful examples of needlework, they were working on altering the Birkbeck Cope to fit the new Bishop. They were also able to view the 'house' made of hand-knitted scarves, each one representing a homeless person. This had been put up by St Martins Trust in the Cathedral and to which some of our members had contributed.
Doris Monkhouse reviewed an evening visit by several members to Hotter's Shoe Shop in Norwich. Plied with drinks and nice refreshments, a short history of Hotter and a fashion show by staff, members were then let loose to browse and select shoes, etc. Most bought more than one item at a special reduction for the evening. Susan even found a pair of shoes which exactly matched her dress.
The next meeting of Old Buckenham is on Thursday 23 January starting at 7.30pm in the Village Hall when the speaker will be Gavin Binkerton-Jones talking about 'Norfolk wildlife through the lens'.

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