Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Seats on Old Buckenham Green

Ready for a sit down
There are three concrete bases around Ottomer Pond awaiting seats to be positioned there.

These  have been organised by the Parish Council as there are memorial benches waiting to be installed.
The Parish Council has recently issued guidelines for the placing of memorial benches on the Green. The guidelines say:
We appreciate the kind offers to purchase benches in memory of friends or family members which provide welcome seating around the Green. However the Parish Council need to exercise control to prevent the proliferation of lots of different styles of bench in locations which may not be practical. We also need to ensure benches are properly maintained in an attractive and safe condition.
· Benches must be good quality and may be made of wood or wood-effect recycled plastic/composite material. Memorial plaques should be made of brass or silver metal.
· Donors should submit details of the proposed bench (dimensions; materials; plaque size and wording of inscription and a picture) to the Parish Council for approval.
· The Parish Council will suggest or approve possible locations (in consultation with the Green Right Proprietors and Lord of the Manor).
· Benches must be sited on a concrete pad and fixed in place.
· All costs of the bench and siting must be met by the donor.
· After installation, ownership and maintenance will become the responsibility of the Parish Council, who will insure against any public liability.
· The Parish Council reserve the right to repair or remove the bench, should it be irreparably damaged or rotten, at their discretion. The original donor may, of course, repair or replace the bench at their cost should they wish.

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