Sunday, 18 November 2018

Metal detecting digs at Old Buckenham

Digging report
Norfolk Heritage Recovery Group visited Old Buckenham in those blazing hot days of summer for two charity digs to support the Raise The Roof appeal. Since then, in between having digs most weekends, they have been able to appraise what was found and take a good number of archaeologically significant finds to the Finds Liaison Officer at Norfolk Historic Environment Record for recording on the national database at
Across the two sites in the village, they were able to record two Roman brooches, one Roman coin, a nicely decorated Anglo Saxon strap-end and twelve medieval hammered silver coins. These included a 13th century Scottish penny of Alexander, a Queen Elizabeth I sixpence dated 1574 in excellent condition, and also from the 16th century a Venetian soldino. A fair amount of artefacts associated with weaponry were found. As well as the usual Civil War period musket balls, they turned up a gunpowder measure, a dagger chape and a pistol handle. From a more recent period of hostilities George Bunn, the youngest detectorist taking part, found a silver Technician’s Badge from WWII.
Among the more prosaic finds were numerous thimbles (used to protect fingertips while gleaning, it is said), a few animal bells, buttons, horseshoes and modern coinage from the 18th century up to the present day.
Probably the best result of the two visits was being able to write out a cheque for £900 from the Dig Fees to go towards the work that has now started on the chancel roof of All Saints Church.
Many thanks to the two landowners Tom Baron and Stephen Askew for allowing the Group to dig holes in their fields, and to those others from the village who lent a hand. All being well NHRG will be back in 2019. Meanwhile, if anyone reading this can offer land for NHRG to hold more digs for this or any other charity, do please contact their chairman Godfrey Pratt at

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