Sunday, 10 June 2018

Aerobatics over Old Buckenham

Comments from the Airfield manager
Matt Wilkins wishes to pass on this message:
Could you put in an item that last night's (Saturday 9 June) acrobatics north of Attleborough were nothing to do with us. The CAA permitted someone from Cambridgeshire to do a display way after our closing time. In any event we cannot prevent such things, were not consulted and are entirely blameless. We've received a couple of messages including one with copious swearing, entirely inappropriate and which we considered reporting to the Police. 
It's worth reminding people that once an aircraft leaves the ground we have zero control. We ask visitors and members to follow one of the largest patterns in the UK so as to avoid causing annoyance and 99% do. All transgressions are taken up with the pilot. We cannot stop anyone overflying anything anywhere. The law permits an aircraft to fly at 500 ft or more away (or above) any object. Our presence means that a two nautical miles radius around us is on every chart and therefore is likely to reduce air traffic above the area anywhere but our usual pattern.
There are dozens of airfields and even more farm strips. We at the airfield seem to get all the complaints despite going to great lengths to be good neighbours. We're happy to offer what assistance we can in directing people to the right person but would ask not to be sworn at prior to doing so.
We certainly have nothing to do with anything occurring after 8pm and for the most part we are all done well before 6pm. Aside from the Airshow, no aerobatics occur here.

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