Friday, 28 April 2017

Moles on Old Buckenham Green

Getting ready to mow

A special effort is being made to get Old Buckenham Green back in a reasonable condition and this will probably involve mowing it a couple of times this year. To ensure that it can be mown safely and that the subsequent cuttings removed for use elsewhere, a contractor is being employed to reduce the number of moles.
It appears that one of the technicians employed to do this work was recently abused by a member of the public when setting up the mole traps on the Green. It is sad to reduce the number of moles but the Green cannot be mown unless the numbers are controlled.
Residents are being asked to keep an eye open for any similar confrontations taking place and if necessary to report them to Norfolk police by ringing 101.
If you want to know more about the background to the future mowings of the Green then you can contact John Fernihough  on 01953 860471, email

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like John is ignoring the wishes of local residents. Many of them are very upset that the moles are being killed. Perhaps reading the Facebook page for the village would be eye opening.