Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Old Buckenham's latest school news

Progress at Chapel Green School

The first period back on site since the holiday season has been exceptionally busy. The access road leading to the project has been completed and tarmac has been installed, giving clear uninterrupted access to the main site. This has allowed progress to accelerate at a great pace.
With clear access to the site, they have been importing Type 1 material (crushed aggregate) and laying this across the full area for the building footprint. Following compaction, this gives a solid and clean hardstanding area on which they can then construct the building and will form the base for the ground floor concrete slab.
A lagoon has been excavated to the south east of the site which gives a holding area for all surface water on site, allowing control of both the water that falls from above and water that flows. The contractors have also been working hard to form the main site set up which includes the installation of temporary site accommodation, storage and parking area.
Engagement with the local community is a key part of this project, and during February there have been site tours with students from Old Buckenham Primary School, Old Buckenham High School and Chapel Road School. Children had the opportunity to sit in a digger, carry out some setting out using state of the art equipment and also received an update on the project progression.
Morgan Sindall have also carried out some works to the village hall – repairing potholes to the car park and providing safer access for all.
Finally, the project now has a website for you to stay up to date with everything:

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