Saturday, 1 October 2016

Today's racing in Old Buckenham

Fast cars
Drivers of all ages gathered in Old Buckenham village hall today to enjoy a bit of Grand Prix racing, albeit at a smaller scale. And there were plenty of aspiring female drivers wanting to show off their skills.
There was even more track than at the previous meeting and technical equipment to allow cars to swop tracks rather than just bump into the car in front. There was even a walking stick to help with the retrieval  of crashed cars from the centre of the circuit.

The winners were those that tried Scalextric for the first time and great fun was had by all.

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Steve milner said...

It was fantastic to see some of the kids of the village having fun at the VH. Whether running around as they waited their turn or driving the cars far too fast. All had a smile on their faces. We had a few technical issues that caused the formal racing to be abandoned. However the problem is now understood. thanks to all who came and to Roshin who kept them fueled up with hot dogs