Friday, 1 April 2016

Special shelter for Old Buckenham

Helping Openreach in their work
As a special thank you to all the dedicated work that the staff of Openreach have done to get all of Old Buckenham reconnected, it has been proposed to make their life a little easier.
As they spend much of their time, in all sorts of weather, crouched on a little stool  beside the busy B1077 at the end of Cake Street, a scheme is going forward to build a permanent shelter for them. It would protect them from the rain and wind, provide more comfortable seating and possibly have the facility for heating in the winter months.
A suitable site for the structure has been identified (see photo below) and work has started on a feasibility study.

Projects like this don't come cheap. There are plans to draw up, planning permission to be obtained and internal decor to be agreed. Protection against possible collisions with motor vehicles also has to be considered. 
So any contributions to the 'Enclosereach' fund would be much appreciated - just leave your Tesco vouchers, foreign coins, paper clips, etc in the bucket that may appear outside the village shop.
Don't delay. This scheme only remains active until 12 noon today, Friday 1 April.

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