Tuesday, 9 February 2016

January meeting of Old Buckenham WI

Relaxing Women’s Institute meeting
Old Buckenham WI were pleased to welcome Eileen Oliver to their January meeting. Eileen gave an excellent presentation about the history of Yoga followed by some Yoga exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques. Yoga has been around for several thousand years and has developed over the years to several different disciplines. The importance of exercise, breathing, eating fresh, natural foods and a calm simple life are key features. Eileen said that breathing practice is the most important element of Yoga.
At the January meeting, members discuss the choice of resolutions which have been submitted by members for presentation at the national Annual General Meeting in June. This year, eight possible resolutions have been submitted and members are given the opportunity to vote on the resolutions which they would like taken forward. Old Buckenham members chose the resolution concerning the banning of microbeads which are particles of plastic that cannot be filtered out of waste water. These microbeads are found in cosmetic and personal care products, are polluting the oceans and causing long-term health risks for both aquatic life and humans. The resolution aims to raise awareness of the problems associated with plastic microbeads and to lobby manufacturers in banning the use of these products.
At the March meeting on Thursday 24 March the speaker will be Mary Graydon who will talk about Prison Monitoring.

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