Sunday, 3 January 2016

A photo a day in Old Buckenham

Total coverage during 2015
Just over a year ago, a small group of villagers with an interest in photography took up the challenge of ensuring that one picture was taken within the parish boundary of Old Buckenham on all 365 days of the year.
Now you can all see the fruits of their labours by visiting         
Members of the team have successfully taken an image every day to celebrate this lovely village.
Some rough statistics:

  • Around forty different people have provided their pictures, ranging in age from Philippa (now aged four) to at least one regular who is well into his seventies. As that number includes groups like the Rainbow Brownies, Old Buckenham Scouts and Old Buckenham Primary School, all of whom have been enthusiastic contributors, the number of people actually connected is much greater.
  • A quick count showed that the most favourite subjects to be photographed were All Saints Church (28), the Green (28), the Village Hall (16), the Scouts and Brownies (18), pictures with bikes in (16) and the Ox and Plough (15). Other popular sites included the various village ponds, Old Buckenham Airfield, the windmill and those ducks living around the village shop.
  • At the moment some of the first pictures taken in January have now been viewed over 250 times.
  • One person who was willing to step in at short notice to make sure all days were covered has contributed over forty of the images.
As a snapshot of village life in 2015 this is a most valuable document. It would have been wonderful to be able to look back on 365 village pictures taken over a year in Victorian or wartime years so hopefully the catalogue will be of interest to future generations looking back at Old Buckenham's history.
There are plans afoot to provide a permanent display of all the images and also to organise a get-together to celebrate this wonderful achievement.

You can now see an image of all the photos at

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