Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Latest from Old Buckenham Parish Council

October Parish Council meeting

The following report has been written by the blog editor from the draft minutes and so may contain information that is amended at a future date.

Thirteen members of the public attended the October meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council along with Stephen Askew (Norfolk County Council Council councillor). All members of the parish council were there apart from Ben Devlin.
Declaration of interest of items on agenda. These included Terry Cracknell in a planning application, Graham Hart in the Play Area and Adrian Joel on planning applications in general.
Public recess. One resident raised the matter of empty houses in Old Buckenham and what had Breckland Council done about them. Also that school buses were using Crown Road/Banham Road and causing problems for other road users. Three residents spoke against the Harlingwood Lane planning application and two residents spoke in favour of the application. Another resident raised the matter of the precept meeting and also suggested a 'correspondence and other business' item on future agendas. Stephen Askew raised matters concerning NCC Highways and said that NCC representative Mr Bygraves was willing to attend a future parish council meeting. Also the Village Hall car park resurfacing was raised under the Town and Parish Partnership Scheme. A resident raised the matter of illegal road signs on B1077 and asked that they be removed.
Minutes of September Parish Council meeting. SNAT should read SNAP. Sarah Hornbrook had suggested an awards evening under the four year plan. With these amendments the minutes were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
Matters arising from the minutes. The Parish Clerk gave a response to a question on the creation of a Parish Council website. Steve Milner will liaise with Graham Hart to create a Parish Council website. Following a question on the hedge at Harlingwood Lane, the Clerk informed the meeting that NCC Highways would be inspecting the hedge and writing to the owner of the property.
Allotments. Adrian Joel said new agreements were due to be sent out in October and there would be no increase in plot rents.
Four year plan. Adrian Joel distributed a list of suggestions including new footpaths in village, encouragement of younger people to be involved with the Parish Council, better use of internet and social media by the Parish Council, closer ties with the Green Right Proprietors, use of the BT telephone kiosk, more use of the Green as a recreational facility, a new noticeboard, expansion of the recreation area, alternative methods of transport within the village, possible music festival on the Green, free wi-fi within the village, a bandstand to be erected, an annual social event and an Old Buckenham awards ceremony.
Play Area. Adrian Joel reported on the safety report being carried out by Playdale Ltd on the play area. A quote had been given for £2,143.13 plus vat for necessary safety work. The Parish Council would be seeking a grant from Breckland Council (under section 106 arrangements) for the amount of £1,250. Graham Hart commented on fencing repairs including the possibility of metal fencing and also CCTV on the area. The play area is currently being mis-used by teenagers and the police have been called on occasions. A letter to be sent to High School on the matter and Tom Johnson to raise the matter with police at the next SNAP meeting.
Planning applications. Poplar Pigs, Doe Lane. 150KW solar panels on two barn roofs. No objections. This was agreed with 8 for and 2 abstentions.
47 Fen Street. Timber Home Office. Application withdrawn.
The Cart Lodge, Cake Street. Erection of new dwelling and garage with creation of access to Harlingwood Lane. After detailed discussions this was agreed with 5 for, 1 against and 4 abstentions. 

Stone Cottage, Fen Street. Erection of garage block and bedroom over. No objections but provision to be made to tie the application to existing dwelling.
Planning application decisions from Breckland. The Chalet, Harlingwood Lane. First floor side extension, rear single storey extension. Three dormer windows and internal alterations. Approved.
Chairman’s report. Steve Milner said the Tour of Britain Cycle Race was a great day organised on the day by Old Buckenham Cycling. Old Buckenham Cycling want to start a cycling legacy and hope to organise another cycling event next year. They also hope to bring Old Buckenham into the national cycling network. The play area has problems with teenagers at night and after school. Steve Milner is compiling an information sheet for residents showing how the Parish Council works and aims to have them put in various locations around village so residents can obtain copies. The Personnel Committee will be meeting soon to carry out the Clerk’s appraisal and he asked councillors for any input they had concerning the appraisal.  Old Buckenham is connected to the 
broadband superfast highway but cannot reach half the village so he will be raising the issue with BT.
District Councillor’s report. Adrian Joel said the government has agreed to resettle up to 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next four and half years but Breckland Council has not been informed by government whether any will be settled in Breckland. The Home Office will make councils aware of what support is needed and Breckland Council will offer help if required. Breckland are to trial kerbside collections of electrical items, free of charge, in selected villages including the central part of Old Buckenham. The items will be recycled, repaired and re-used. Explanatory leaflets will be placed in wheelie bins and the collection will be on Wednesday 14 October. The Local Plan Development Scheme indicative timetable is: public consultation November/December 2015, publication April/May 2016, submission to Secretary of State July 2016, anticipated Inspector’s report November 2016 and anticipated adoption in December 2016.
Parish Councillors’ reports. Carol Marshall said another piece of fencing on the Recreation area has been lost, also the telephone box by Rod Alley pond has a pane of glass missing. Sarah Hornbrook said the Primary School is embarking on a Forest School Programme which will teach children outside skills and asked if any financial assistance was available from the Parish Council. The Clerk responded that some funding may be available from general reserves depending on what amount is requested. Item to be put on the November agenda. Jonathan Kemp said the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party will hold a meeting in the next four weeks. Adrian Joel said the British Legion no longer exists in the village and they used to organise the Remembrance Day parade in November. The Clerk to contact police on closing the road on the day of the service. Terry Cracknell said two new residents have been given welcome packs but they need updating and he is working on it. He asked Steve Milner what funds had been accumulated from the Tour of Britain day. Steve Milner said £1,200 profit was made; £100 was given to the scouts and the remainder is with the Old Buckenham 2000 Trust. They hope to provide some cycle racks and some funds to be given to the Green Right Proprietors when they get charitable status. Terry Cracknell said the Parish Council should complete outstanding tasks rather than take on new ones and not completing existing tasks. He also suggested a social meeting of the Parish Council which he was happy to arrange in the future. Rona Boggia asked to be kept informed of any meeting regarding the new school. Tom Johnson said that Friday 16 October was a film night at the Village hall showing ‘Little Chaos’. He then raised matter of the entrance to the new affordable housing development and Adrian Joel responded on the matter. The question of trees on the Green blocking road signs was raised and it was agreed the matter would be raised with the Green Right Proprietors.

The next meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council will be on Thursday 5 November in Old Buckenham Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.

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