Saturday, 26 September 2015

Old Buckenham Balloon Festival 2015

Fire breathing 'machines' take to the air
Large multi-coloured shapes were rising from Old Buckenham Airfield this evening, growing forever larger, taking to the air and then disappearing off into the sunset. This weekend the weather has been very kind to the balloonists, nice clear skies and very little wind.
There were flights this morning and another session at around 6pm. Once the balloons were inflated, they all drifted off westward and the spectators drifted off home. By then the support crews were moving off to follow across the countryside to pick everything up and bring it back for more possible flights on Sunday morning. According to the Old Buckenham Airfield website, you'll need to be on site around 8am to watch this spectacle yourself.

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Rog said...

Lovely pics - particularly the last one