Saturday, 16 May 2015

Concerns of Old Buckenham parishioners

Public comments at April parish council meeting
The following notes have been written by the blog editor from notes supplied by the parish clerk.
One resident said he appreciated the work of the Parish Council over the last four years and the time they put into their duties. He then referred to the Chairman’s email to him regarding road safety and the cost of the newly installed flashing speed signs on B1077. He had a letter from a parish council in Holt who did not pay any money to have their signs installed as half the cost was paid by local school and the other half by Norfolk County Council (NCC). He then quoted figures of children from within the village who attended the local schools and a great majority of children attending these schools were from outside Old Buckenham. Steve Milner responded that Holt’s flashing speed signs had been paid for by the local school and NCC. They were purchased under the NCC and Town & Parish Partnership scheme and over forty other parish councils had bought SAM2 flashing speed signs under this scheme. A resident had commented on the increase in the Precept and he had replied to his concerns. The resident then said that residents should be more widely consulted on spending of Parish Council monies. Steve Milner responded that any resident may come to the Precept meeting and speak on any financial matter. Another resident said the Parish Council needs to engage more with younger people in the village and in the working of the Parish Council. Steve Milner responded that numerous attempts had been made by the Parish Council to set up a Youth Council and that a number of meetings had been arranged but no young people had turned up. A resident also raised matter of the Chapel Road School and the access road and possible parking on the school field. Also, they felt that the Parish Council should look at ways of engaging residents more in the working of the Parish Council.

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