Friday, 12 December 2014

Festive bingo in Old Buckenham

Numbers lucky for some
There were a couple of dozen people gathered in the Village Hall tonight to try their luck at a few games of bingo. There was a definite festive touch with Father Christmas there to sell you your pack of tickets.
The main innovation was the use of the hall's projection system and some clever software to allow a set of almost automated games to take place. Specially printed sheets were used with every 'card' having its own reference number. The computer picked the random numbers for each game, they were projected onto the big screen while the numbers were read out by a clear disembodied voice at a speed that the audience were happy with. Checking if the call was correct was also done via the computer using the unique number on each card.

Prize money increased throughout the evening with a mere £1 for a line in the first game to a rather larger £52 for a full house in the last game. The evening finished with a large raffle of decent prizes ensuring that many people went home with something worthwhile.

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