Friday, 21 November 2014

The future for Old Buckenham

Issues and Options document
There will be a presentation from Breckland Council given by Iain Withington (Planning Team Leader) and Adrian Joel (local District Councillor) on Thursday 4 December at 6.30pm (prior to the Parish Council meeting that starts at 7.30pm)
It will be held in the Memorial Room at Old Buckenham Village Hall.
This document is important and could affect the village.
The Issues and Options stage of the Local Plan sets out the context for the new Breckland Local Plan and offers an opportunity for the Council to seek input and views from a wide range of statutory consultees, interest groups, and residents on the issues and priorities that should be considered when identifying and assessing potential planning options for the new Local Plan.
Key issues include
  • How much housing (market and affordable) will be needed in the future and where it should be built;
  • How much land we need to develop to support new jobs, including jobs in the rural economy and where;
  • Approach to market towns and villages;
  • How to protect and enhance our special habitats, natural and historic landscapes;
  • How to achieve development that contributes towards a high quality life for all.
The Issues and Options document can be found on As stated above there will be a presentation by Breckland Council on Thursday 4 December at 6.30pm in Old Buckenham Village Hall. A hard copy of the Issues and Options document is available through the Old Buckenham Parish Clerk or the District Councillor (Adrian Joel on 01953 860663).
Alongside the Consultation there will be a call for sites. If there is any land that a resident would like considered for allocation, details are on


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