Saturday, 22 February 2014

Seniors' party at Old Buckenham

Senior Citizens' Annual Party
Today was the time for nearly ninety of the village's older residents to come along to Old Buckenham Village Hall for a pleasant and relaxed party. The format and timing may have changed over the years but it is a much appreciated event.
Everyone gathered around one o'clock, found a group of people to sit with, enjoyed a small sherry, attempted to work out answers to a set of general knowledge questions and posed to have souvenir photographs taken.

By half one the main meal was being served - a wonderful roast beef dinner with all the trimmings. Wine and soft drinks were freely available. Then there was a choice of sweets followed by cheese and biscuits.

To help all this food go down there was a chance to listen to a close harmony singing group, enjoying the tunes of many years ago and joining in with the words when you could remember them. This was followed by a couple of games of bingo for further relaxation.
The answers to the quiz questions were revealed, together with a friendly groan when the normal table of 'clever clogs' got the highest marks for yet another year. But there were presents for many people after a completely free raffle took place.

This whole afternoon was free for all those attending thanks to various fund-raising events in the village previously and because of all the volunteers who had prepared the food, cooked it, served at table and cleared up afterwards. Even so the event takes about a thousand pounds to put on and everyone (Eileen and her team) should be proud to have been part of it.

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