Friday, 8 November 2013

Favourite pictures of Old Buckenham

Images provide a way in
Looking at the details of people who are reading the Old Buckenham blog, several each day arrive because they are looking at Google images for some particular picture.
Often the subjects they are searching for are not the most obvious but perhaps this blog does include pictures that nobody else would bother to take. A human fruit machine for instance or simple photos of a selection of tinned goods or of dropped litter. The searches are naturally seasonal, at the moment it is remembrance poppies and a few weeks ago it was all harvest festival arrangements. Some of the seasonal scenes of snow-covered trees and an extreme frost glinting on the branches were popular enough to be amongst the first dozen images of snow scenes for several months on Google. They will come into their own again as Christmas approaches.
Whether these visitors ever come back to read more about Old Buckenham is probably unlikely but you never know.

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