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What Old Buckenham parish council said

Last meeting of 2012
These notes were produced by the blog editor using the draft minutes and so may contain information that is amended at a later date.
A meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council took place on Thursday 13 December. All parish councillors were there apart from John Frost, Akis Chrisovelides and Carol Marshall who had all sent their apologies. Ten members of the public were also present.
Derek Smalley, Sarah Dye and Old Buckenham Parish Council, all shareholders in Old Buckenham Green Right Proprietors, declared an interest in items on the agenda.
The meeting was suspended for a short while to allow members of the public to ask questions.
Minutes of the November Parish Council Meeting. These were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

Matters arising from the minutes. None.
Request for dispensation. Tim Ing proposed that under the powers granted to parish councils under s33 of the Localism Act 2011, having taken into consideration s31 of the Act, a dispensation be granted for all councillors, to allow councillors to take part in discussions and voting on Precept Matters as, without the dispensation, the number of persons prohibited by section 31(4) from participating in any particular business would be so great a proportion of the body transacting the business as to impede the transaction of the business. This resolution is to remain in force until the date before the Annual Meeting of the Council at the next ordinary election. The proposal that the parish clerk grants this dispensation was agreed with 7 for and 1 abstaining and the dispensation was then granted by the Parish Clerk.
Planning applications. The Finches, Cake Street. Extension and alterations to roof and new garage. It was agreed unanimously that there were no objections.
Land off Fen Street. Erection of new dwellings. It was proposed to object on grounds that the development is outside settlement boundary, width of the road is too narrow and no proper bus services from development so the development is not sustainable. There were also concerns over possible flooding and drainage. The objection was agreed with 7 for and 1 abstaining.
Alice Cottage, Ragmere Road. Conversion of integral garage into bedroom and bathroom. Also a side extension for car lodge. It was agreed unanimously that there were no objections.
Abbey Farm, Abbey Road. Conversion of outbuilding to annex. It was agreed unanimously that there were no objections.
Planning decisions received from Breckland. Cottage Barns, Cake Street. Extension to provide new family room. Permission granted.
Roughlands, Grove Road. Erection of menage and horse walker including change of use of land to equine use. Permission granted with strict restrictions.
Roughlands, Grove Road. Alterations and extension to existing stables to provide 11 stables, tack room, tea room, stores and farrier’s workshop. Permission granted with strict restrictions.
Adoption of Precept. Following the granting of the dispensation by the Parish Clerk it was proposed by Tim Ing and seconded by Steve Milner that the precept set in October for the amount of £16,341.65 be confirmed. This was agreed with 7 for and 1 abstention.
Senior Citizens’ Christmas Lunch. It was proposed that a donation of £350 be given to the organisation. This was agreed unanimously.
Village Emergency Plan. Steve Milner thanked Derek Smalley for his contribution to compiling the revisions to the plan. Steve Milner then went through the plan explaining the different areas and actions covered by the plan in cases of certain emergencies. Tim Ing asked if councillors had any questions on the matter. Tim Ing then thanked both Derek Smalley and Steve Milner for their work on the plan. The final draft of the plan would be ready for adoption at February parish council meeting.
Street lights in Old Buckenham. Paul Boggia said he would like to see two street lights on the B1077, one near the war memorial and the other at the junction of Abbey Road and Hargham Road to provide better safety. Adrian Joel said New Buckenham had recently got a new street light and it had cost them nearly £2,000. Paul Boggia suggested solar powered lights but the Parish Clerk informed the meeting that all street lights had to comply with certain regulations and that solar powered ones were not included. Adrian Joel suggested putting the item on the Annual Parish Meeting agenda to seek the views of villagers.
Parking at Play Area. Tim Ing reported that the area was very muddy due to the recent rainfall and more ground material was needed. Matting had been put down but since then a lorry had caused extensive damage to it. Some villagers have indicated they would make a contribution towards the costs of the works. Sarah Dye thanked Tim Ing and John Frost for their hard work in putting down the materials currently installed at the area.
Chairman’s report. Tim Ing said that he attended a recent site visit at Eel Farm with Breckland District Council and the Planning Inspector. He also said that dog walkers in the village do not seem to appreciate the dangers of vehicles whilst walking their dogs. A letter had been received from a resident which had been circulated to all councillors regarding a number of issues in the village. Tim Ing then reported that twelve Jubilee mugs are still available for sale at £2.50 each. He reported that he had received a number of telephone calls and letters regarding the recent firework display and the noise it caused. A local farmer had lost some bird stocks and had now started legal proceedings against the company who provided the display. Tom Johnson suggested moving next year’s event to the airfield. Steve Milner said 300 people had attended the event and he had received a number of comments on how good the display was.
District Councillor’s report. Adrian Joel reported that the Chief Executive Officer of Breckland Council was due to retire at the end of January and a replacement would be sought. All seven District Councils will be getting together to make available to residents in Norfolk a scheme to switch energy providers with the opportunity to save money on their bills. Breckland Council are also currently looking at the number of wards and councillors that they will need up to 2019 based on the number of residents and a mean average for each ward. This has to be submitted to the Boundary Commission by March 2013 for them to make decisions following full consultation with residents.
Parish Councillors’ reports. Tom Johnson reported that he attended a meeting of the Village Hall Committee in December where it was disclosed that the acting Chairman and the Treasurer would not be seeking re election in March 2013. Volunteers are urgently needed to sit on the committee otherwise the village hall may have to cease its activities. Paul Boggia asked what is happening with the bales of hay still on the Green. Old Buckenham Green Right Proprietors will write to Mr Davey to make arrangements to have them removed. Derek Smalley raised the matter of horse riding on the footpaths on the Green as it is causing problems with damage to surface of the footpaths. Derek Smalley also reported that dog fouling in the village is increasing. He then said that the rubbish bin speed signs had been received and they would be put on suitable bins in different areas of the village. He reported that the Oil Purchasing Scheme would still operate up to March 2013 when it would be reviewed. Jonathan Kemp said they had one quote for work to be carried out on the Recreation Area and would be getting two more quotes. Steve Milner reported that the Community Speed Watch in the village was up and running. Three sites had been approved from which speed checks could be carried out. The team have already carried out four one-hour sessions and had reported two people for speeding. Steve Milner thanked all the volunteers for their work in making the scheme a success. Tim Ing thanked Steve Milner and his team of volunteers for their hard work. Adrian Joel reported that the High School went out early in December litter picking on the Green. The High School are looking to obtain Academy Status by April 2013 following consultations with teachers and parents. He then reported that only one allotment tenancy had not been renewed and an advertisement had been placed asking if anyone wishes to take over the allotment.
Parish Clerk’s report. He stated that a safety scheme involving resurfacing work would be carried out soon by Norfolk County Council at the Puddle Dock Corner junction with Fen Street.
Highways. Steve Milner reported that an accident had happened at the junction of Grove Road and Mill Road recently involving motor vehicles. Steve Milner would put together some proposals for improving the junction . It was reported there is a deep gouge in the verge in Wilby Road, off Hargham Road going out of the village. Parish Clerk to contact highways. It was also reported the grass verge in Ragmere Road outside the allotments is damaged.
The Green. The footpath, which is on the ‘safe route to school’ and actually on the Green, is in need of repair. The Green Right Proprietors will contact Highways to see if they will assist with repairs. The new contract for haymaking on the Green will soon be put in the village magazine.

The next meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council will be on Thursday 3 January 2013 in Old Buckenham Village Hall and starting at 7.30pm.

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