Monday, 9 July 2012

A busy Saturday in Old Buckenham

Food and fund raising

Saturday 7 July was a day when you could eat well and raise some money at the same time. A couple of Old Buckenham groups were holding events where home cooking was the order of the day and you could have an enjoyable time as well. And despite the pessimistic weather forecasts, the rain kept away from this part of East Anglia.
In the afternoon there was a chance to go along for a cream tea, enjoy a beautiful garden, have a go at the raffle and browse through the bric-a-brac. All this was to help fund the annual Senior Citizens ‘Christmas Party’ that will be held in 2013. There was the opportunity to chat with all your friends while at the same time raising money for the party.
Then in the evening the Old Buckenham Women’s Institute held a progressive supper with different parts of the meal taking place in different member’s houses. First there were sherry and nibbles in Mill Road, then it was on up the Hargham Road for a choice of starters before moving off to Attleborough Road to sit down and enjoy the main meal. Finally there was the trip back to another house in Mill Road for the usual wide variety of luscious sweets (with ‘seconds’) followed by coffee and lots of mardling until the sun had long gone down.
This was a most enjoyable way for the WI to raise funds. Unusually there was only one person this year who walked all the way round from one location to the other. But he did have the bonus of being able to spend five minutes watching a barn owl quartering across Old Buckenham Green looking for something for their supper.

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