Thursday, 14 June 2012

Old Buckenham almshouses

The artist McLaughlin
A competent and framed pencil drawing of the Old Buckenham almshouses has recently been rediscovered. It was originally found many years ago in the shed behind number 1 The Almshouses when the mother of Peter, the present village hall caretaker, was living there.
The picture is signed “A McLaughlin” and shows someone at the door of number 1. There is no indication of when the drawing was originally done and it is quite likely that the small trees in front of the building are a case of the artist using a suitable amount of ‘artistic licence’ as the present row of trees must have been there for many years. But there is no sign of the many houses now built along Hargham Road.
Any information on the artist or when the drawing was done will be much appreciated. You can leave a comment on the blog or on

(You can enlarge this image by clicking on it. The original shows more of the building to the right)

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Charles says:
The picture would have been drawn by Audrey McLaughlin who used to live where Alison now lives (the OLd School House on the Green. She was a talented artist, usually pencil drawings.