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Old Buckenham Parish Council minutes

Parish Council in May
These notes are written by the blog editor from the draft minutes and so may contain information that is amended at a later meeting.

The May Parish Council meeting took place after their AGM on Thursday 3 May. Three members of the public were present and all the parish councillors except for Carol Marshall and Paul Boggia who had sent their apologies.
Minutes of the April Parish Council meeting. With an amendment to the stated date of the present meeting, these minutes were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
Matters arising from the minutes. The Parish Clerk said he had received an email from Tim Bornett stating that at no time did he say that he had advice from the Association of Local Councils that the Parish Council could fund maintenance of the Green. Tom Johnson raised the issue of HGVs using Hargham Road in spite of signs showing restrictions. It was agreed that the Parish Council would look at signs and report back at the next meeting. Derek Smalley said the police had not responded to the speeding problem on Hargham Road. Contact had been made with Norfolk County Councillor William Nunn who said he would try to assist in the matter. Adrian Joel raised matter of budgetary controls and the Parish Clerk said this information would be available at next meeting as figures would be compiled on a quarterly basis. Tim Ing raised the matter of the footpath on the Green alongside the B1077 and said it was a Parish Council responsibility as they had received grant money for its maintenance. He also raised the matter of pig lorries appearing to speed through the village. He had contacted the owners who said speed governors were fitted to all their lorries and tachometer readings could identify any speeding vehicles.
Adoption of accounts. The accounts for the year ending March 2012 were agreed unanimously.
Annual Governance statement. The Parish Clerk explained what this related to in conjunction with the year end accounts and what was required by government auditors. The statement was signed, agreed unanimously.
Loan to Village Hall. The Parish Clerk said he had received a request from the Village Hall for a loan of £1,500 which would become repayable in April 2013. It was proposed that the loan be granted, this was agreed unanimously.
Neighbourhood Plan. Sarah Dye said although she favoured a plan she said that, having looked deeper into the matter along with the Parish Clerk, she felt that at this time it would not be beneficial for the Parish Council to do one. She explained that it would be extremely time-consuming, need some expertise in planning matters and could cost over £20,000 to compile. The Parish Clerk gave details of Cringleford Parish Council who were doing a plan as a trial and, after six months of hard work, they had only reached the preliminary stage and would need another 18 months plus to finish the project. They had three members on the working party that had planning experience and they still found the whole process difficult. Tim Ing said the matter would be discussed again at the September meeting.
Parish Council Insurance. The Parish Clerk said he had discussions with the insurance providers to try to get savings in the annual premiums made by the Parish Council. The Insurers had offered a fixed term and fixed price agreement covering either one year, three year or five year rates. The Clerk explained the one year rate was £1,343.36, two year rate was £1,277.53 and five year rate was £1,211.65. It was proposed that the five year price be accepted and this was agreed unanimously.
Planning applications. 35 Hargham Road. Erect double garage, convert existing garage to hobbies room with additional vehicular access. No objections from the Parish Council, agreed unanimously.
Old Buckenham Priory, Abbey Road. Alterations and improvements. No objections from the Parish Council, agreed unanimously.
Planning decisions received from Breckland. Land at St Andrews Close. Change of use to amenity land and installation of soakways for adjacent residential dwelling. Permission granted.
4 Chattergate. Bay window and porch, two additional windows, replace existing conservatory with ground floor extension. Permission granted.
Old Buckenham Airfield. Continued use of land for clubhouse for use in connection of the airfield. Permission granted.
High Bank Farm, Fen Street. Erection of single storey timber framed conservatory. Permission granted.
District Councillor’s report. Adrian Joel said that William Nunn had been re-elected as leader of Breckland Council with Michael Wassell elected as deputy leader. Breckland Council have been working alongside some of the housing associations looking at Breckland’s policy on social housing and their homelessness and tenancy strategy. Discussions have taken place with regard to new home developers being required to supply wheeled bins on all future new developments. This could save Breckland Council about £30,000 per year.
Chairman’s report. Tim Ing informed the meeting that a cycle race would take place on Sunday 10 June and it would pass through the village with about 100 riders taking part. Old Buckenham Village Hall had asked if they could use the Recreation Area for the yearly fete as they wished to use it for the dog show. This was agreed by councillors as long as the area was cleaned up after the event. He read out a letter from Terry Cracknell which expressed concerns about future development in the Attleborough area which would impact on Old Buckenham. Concern was also expressed in the letter that there was not sufficient proportionate or economically sustainable infrastructure services being provided in advance of any development. Tim Ing said he and Adrian Joel had attended a meeting with Breckland Council planning department which he thought was very useful. Tim Ing said that some of the allotments are not being kept up to an acceptable level of maintenance and the Parish Clerk is to write to the Old Buckenham Allotment Society on the matter. The litter picking event held on the Green the previous Sunday was successful but he was disappointed with the turn out of volunteers. The Parish Clerk to write to Ron Brewer Mr Goode, and Colin Phillips thanking them for their work in the litter clearing.
Parish Councillors’ reports. Tom Johnson said that he had attended a meeting of the Village Hall committee and they had obtained costs for repairing the car park. To fully tarmac the area would cost £17,000 and to mend the current surface would cost £9,600. Also concerns were expressed regarding the parking of cars facing the Recreation Area. It was said that people do not use it as it is too slippery and perhaps gravel could be mixed into the grass to attempt to give grip to tyres. Tim Ing said the Parish Council was not responsible for the car parking area concerned. He then asked if a new committee had yet been formed by the Village Hall. Tom Johnson said none had been formed. Sarah Dye said that John Hicks had repaired the damaged parts at the play area quickly and at no charge. The Parish Clerk to send a letter thanking him for his work. Derek Smalley said he had contacted the police and they would provide extra patrols around the play area. He could not attend the last meeting of ACT to which our MP George Freeman was in attendance and the proposed link road looked like the preferred route. Steve Milner said the final working party meeting for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations was being held on Saturday 5 May. They are having a stall on the Green outside the village shop that day to sell raffle tickets, barn dance tickets and give out information on the celebrations. The Village Hall had received a grant of £165 for the celebrations. Jonathan Kemp said that a grant of £2,800 had been received for the Recreation Area from Breckland Council. They are looking at eight further streams of funding and would advise the Parish Council of the results. Adrian Joel said that he had received a letter from the Old Buckenham Allotment Society stating the shed that was due to be painted to a conforming colour would be done in the next few weeks. It had not been done yet because of the weather and the health of the allotment holder. He also said there was a leak on the first stand pipe and Tim Ing said he had looked at it and would get the required part to stop the drip. Adrian Joel said the entrance to the allotments needs some attention. Tim Ing is to look at the parking problems at the school and village hall car park as there was no improvement in the situation. Adrian Joel is to arrange another meeting with the school and the matter will be discussed at the June meeting.
Highways. Steve Milner said the Grove Road/Mill Road junction needs improvement. Tim Ing said some work had been done by the landowner to improve visibility and the Parish Council is to write a letter thanking him for his co operation and assistance in the matter. The Parish Clerk is to contact the Highways department about potholes in Stacksford near Prosperous Road and he also informed Derek Smalley that Highways have the matter of the missing markers in Cake Street in hand.
The Green. Tim Ing said he had received an email from Sally Bishop saying that she thought the two councillors who held shares as Green Right Proprietors may influence decisions of the council and that the responsibility for maintaining the Green was the Green Right Proprietors’ and not the Parish Council. The Parish Clerk said he had replied to Sally Bishop’s comments saying that the two parish councillors, having declared an interest in the matter, could not vote on these matters. Steve Milner pointed out that no request for funding had ever been received from the Green Right Proprietors. Tim Ing said a digger would be at the Green in early May to carry out work to assist with parking around the play area. A quote had been received by the Green Right Proprietors for roping off an area near the play area. The next meeting of the Green Right Proprietors was scheduled for Tuesday 19 June.

The next meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council will be on Thursday 7 June in the Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.

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