Friday, 13 January 2012

Lunching at Old Buckenham

Thanking the drivers
The first meeting of Luncheon Club in 2012 was an opportunity to thank those people who volunteer and bring along many of the members to Old Buckenham Village Hall. Every fortnight they go round and pick up people so that they can enjoy meeting other members and have a freshly cooked meal. And then early afternoon they come back to ferry the members home again.
So the drivers are all invited as guests to a special roast dinner as a big thank you to them all.
This event is also a chance to thank all the other helpers, whether those who prepare the vegetables, lay the tables, do the cooking, serve the meals or wash up. There are also those who look after the finances and arrange four outings to places of interest each year. Money to run the Luncheon Club comes in the form of donations from a variety of sources including the New Buckenham Recycling Scheme and someone who, this year, decided that they didn’t need their winter heating allowance of £200 so gave it to the Luncheon Club for their use.

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Anonymous said...

What a truly uplifting story,what a great village we live in. I only hope the LC is still in existence by the time I reach retirement!!DH