Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Overflowing candlelit service

Carols and lessons
The candlelit service of Carols and Lessons on Christmas Eve at Old Buckenham turned out to be very popular again. So popular in fact that around a hundred people needed to view the service by a video link to the nearby Church Rooms.
This was the first time that this had been tried so people were nervous about how successful the video link would be. Thanks to the kind donation of time and equipment by various people it all seemed to work.
Not only was it important that the technology should work but effort was put in to ensure that the Church Rooms should be as atmospheric as possible so, like the church, they were candlelit and decorated with holly, etc.
At first some people were understandably hesitant and disappointed about going having to go into the Church Rooms rather than the church itself. But people were given Orders of Service, joined in enthusiastically with the singing and even clapped after the solo performances. After the service many were very complimentary, saying that they had enjoyed the experience, they could hear and see better and were in the warm.
Even so some lessons have been learnt that it is hoped can make the experience even more meaningful next year.

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