Saturday, 5 November 2011

Examination results

Getting close up
Following the quinquennial inspection of All Saints Church at Old Buckenham it became necessary to carry out a more detailed inspection of the condition of the church tower (see the pictures on the previous post on Wednesday 3 November).
This inspection revealed that the tower had succumbed to excessive weathering over the years. This has caused much of the mortar to be eroded and this has resulted in some of the flint work not now being securely fixed to the tower. Already some flints have fallen off the tower and there is a danger that many more will become detached.
To protect the public the area around the tower has been cordoned off, restricting passage around the tower and for safety reasons has become a ‘no go area’.
It is estimated that this diversion may last for the next two years. First the required remedial work will be put out to tender and then it will be necessary to make applications for grants so that the work can be completed.

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