Sunday, 19 December 2010

Repairs to windmill

Windmill status
The windmill at Old Buckenham has not been open to the public for some time and is in need of two repair projects. The first is to repair and replace the sails as these were found to be decayed when inspected in 2010. The second is less apparent and relates to repairs to the timber ribs forming the roof structure.

This second project is a higher priority due to the need to retain structural integrity of the roof and prevent water penetration. It is anticipated that the roof repair will be undertaken in 2011 although no timescale is yet in place. The work to the sails to restore the full magnificence of the windmill silhouette is unlikely to be completed in 2011 due to the understandably tight financial conditions under which Norfolk Windmills Trust is operating.
The windmill committee will be discussing whether it is feasible to restart public opening sessions with the building in its current condition. They will, as ever, keep the public informed through the village newsletter and this blog.


Drew Hohmann said...

So how's the renovation? Roof damages are really discomforting because they allow water to penetrates the inside part of the building, and that causes further damage. I hope the renovation will be finished ASAP, so this can be opened for public use again. Cheers! :)

Penelope Dingee said...

Well, according to the latest news I got on it, it seems the windmill is open to the public now and the sails have been fixed, together with the roof. This historic mill deserves to be maintained daily, as it is one of the most photographed and visited landmarks of Norfolk village. :)