Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thoughtful evening

Serious stuff at Social and Wine

The Social and Wine Circle in Old Buckenham held their fourteenth AGM on Thursday 11 November in the Church Rooms. Alistair Monkhouse gave a summary of the last year’s activities saying that speakers were becoming more expensive and that the organisation had made a small loss over the last year. He gave a summary of the speakers he had arranged for the 2011 season and hoped that a few more regular members could be recruited to stabilise the financial position.
Alistair was retiring from the position of chairman and David Sallnow was unanimously elected as his successor along with two committee members Brian Stone and Peter Warren.
The speaker for the evening was Kate Hill who gave an overview of her work involving mental health and understanding the human mind. Discussions took place on a wide range of subjects including schizophrenia, hearing voices, bipolar affective disorder and the possible effects of using cannabis. She described experiments involving MRI scanning to observe what parts of the brain were active during various activities and changes in the behaviour of people who had suffered accidental brain damage. She finished by pointing out that it seemed that having a past record of mental health problems was worse than having a prison record when applying for jobs.
It will be ‘party time’ at the next meeting on Thursday 9 December with a fish and chips supper on the menu.

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