Friday, 23 July 2010

Doing a good turn by recycling

Doing our best
The latest textiles collection around the village amounted to a total of 684kg being collected. This was rather less than usual but resulted in the sum of £169.80 being raised and passed over to the Cub Scouts.

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Anonymous said...

Hello from Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada!
I'm just going through boxes of old music (left to us under various circumstances over the years)and I came across 2 pieces of music published by Robert Cocks & Co. The covers are so beautifully embossed that it has inspired me to frame several of my new treasures and hang them in a grouping in our dinning room.

My husband is a band director, my son plays tuba/euphonium & trombone semi-professionally, my daughter plays bass clarinet for fun and I play flute in our local concert band, so music is always in the house...and now with this find of turn of the century sheet music, it's on my walls as well!
Thanx for the info on Robert Cocks & Co. Their legacy lives on!
Laurie D