Thursday, 4 February 2010

Emotional wellbeing

Old Buckenham WI
Emotional wellbeing was probably near the top of some Women’s Institute members’ agendas during the post Christmas season so the first meeting of Old Buckenham WI in 2010 fitted the bill admirably. The speaker for January was Brenda Bingham, a local practising Cognitive Behaviour Therapist. Brenda had a colleague, Veronique, staying with her, so they had two therapists to lead them through the mental wellbeing talk.
Brenda described a relatively new approach to this branch of psychology call “Human Given” and explained that this has become well regarded recently and is currently used by the Armed Services dealing with personnel returning from combat zones suffering stress and trauma. It is also the subject of a presentation that will be made to a House of Lords committee shortly.
Members were asked to imagine their emotional wellbeing as a cup of water being supported by two pillars. These pillars must be the same strength and height to maintain the level of water in the cup. The pillars were named ‘emotional needs’ and were balanced by ‘emotional resources’ to deal with stress and trauma in a confident and competent manner.
The importance of early training and good parenting was emphasised at this point. Probably something the local WI members have long held to be true.
The talk finished with a questionnaires being handed out which could be taken away to assess personal emotional wellbeing in the privacy of home.
The speakers later judged the monthly competition. The subject could not have been more appropriate, a photograph of Old Buckenham in the snow. An apt prediction when the title was thought up last year.
As this was January the results of the previous years’ competitions were announced. Each month members are invited to submit a flower from their garden. Members vote for the one they admire the most by placing a coin beside the most favoured flower and the proceeds are sent to a WI charity supporting women in the developing world. Barbara Frost was overall winner for 2009.
The monthly competition was another close run thing with the award being presented to the President, Susan Hunter.
Old Buckenham WI next meet on Thursday 25 February and the talk by Sheree Leeds will be about Chapelfield Gardens in Norwich. The meeting will be in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.

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