Saturday, 30 January 2010

Get up to date with the minutes

January parish council meeting
Four members of the public of the public attended and apologies were received from councillors Liz Taylor and Gerald Norton.
After some small amendments, the minutes of the meeting in December were signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting.
Matters arising from the minutes. Adrian Joel raised the matter of the May 2009 minutes and the notes of the meeting made by the then Parish Clerk. The chairman pointed out that the minutes had been signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting. Adrian Joel also asked if the matter of Trell & Co could be discussed and was told that it would be on next month’?s agenda.
Planning applications. Mr and Mrs Sexton, Little Stacksford Farm. Extension to existing dwelling and half storey to front. Change of use from agricultural land to domestic garden. No objections from parish council, agreed unanimously.
G Holland, Firfields, Fen St. Replace post war asbestos building with two-bedroom holiday let. No objections from parish council, agreed unanimously.
Mrs S Wright, Hunters House, Crown Road. Proposed side extension to existing building and new garage building. No objections from parish council, agreed unanimously.
Planning decisions received from Breckland. The Gamekeeper Public Inn. Repair work and internal alterations. Permission granted.
Cherry Tree House, Stacksford. Residential extension. Permission granted.
The Green. Tim Ing said that the probation service had done a good job, improvements have been made and the Green is looking better. Carol Marshall said that the Ox & Plough had abstained from paying rent as they say the village shop does not pay rent. Tim Ing said that he had been informed that the shop does pay rent.
Village emergency plan. Carol Marshall said it would be ready for the February meeting, the Parish Clerk would put the matter on the agenda.
BT phone box. Tim Ing raised the matter of a recent report that the cost of lighting the box would be very high. The Parish Clerk said there was a preservation order on the box and he had written to BT seeking assurance they would continue to maintain the box. It was felt that it would not be prudent for the Council to buy the box from BT and the Parish Clerk will inform BT of broken glass panels.
Health and Safety policy. Adrian Joel asked that the matter be deferred to the February meeting. The Parish Clerk will put it on the agenda.
Layby at shop. Norman Cawston said that he had inspected the layby and one big hole is obvious and, apart from that, it seemed in good condition. He said the repair could easily be done by Parish Council. It was agreed that Tim Ing would approach the Green Right Proprietors to see if the Parish Council could maintain the layby. The Parish Clerk would also contact Norfolk County Council Highways and see if they are going to repair the layby.
New headmaster. Adrian Joel suggested inviting the new headmaster to a parish council meeting. Carol Marshall suggested leaving it for a few months until he had time to settle in and address any issues that the school faced. An invitation will be sent to him later in year to come to a Parish Council meeting.
District Councillor’s report. Adrian Joel informed the meeting that the Boundary Commission has recommended a single unitary option for Norfolk despite overwhelming opposition from the inhabitants of Norfolk. The Parish Clerk is to send an email confirming the Parish Council’s strong opposition to the change. He also said Breckland Youth Council had been given £10,000 to spend during January on projects. He reported that the homecoming parade for the Light Dragoon was very well attended in December with thousands of people turning out to welcome the troops home and the Dragoons were very appreciative of the welcome.
Parish Councillors’ reports. Kerry Talbot said that progress on the Play Area had been delayed in its ground preparation because of the bad weather. All grant providers with deadlines have been informed of the situation and they are waiting to hear from ACRE to see if they will extend their deadline until the end of March. The next meeting of the working party would be on Wednesday 13 January. Tim Ing apologised over the delay in not writing to the Church regarding the benches for the Green.
Clerk’s report. The Clerk informed the Council that he had received a request from Old Buckenham Players for the Parish Council to submit a planning application on their behalf. It was for a steel container to replace a rotting shed in the Village Hall car park. The Parish Council making the application would save them £167.50. The Clerk said that he had checked with Breckland and it was legal and proper for the Parish Council to do this. The Parish Council had no objection to the request and the Parish Clerk would arrange. The Clerk also informed the meeting that he had attended a meeting at Terry Cracknell’s house in December with the chairman and since the meeting had sent on some documents that had been requested.
Highways. The meeting was informed that there was a large pothole in Grove Road outside Scales Farm. Carol Marshall raised the matter of the sharp bend known as Puddle Dock bend on the 1077 in from Attleborough and said there had been a few minor accidents at the site. She suggested seeing if Highways would put a large chevron sign up denoting the bend. The Parish Clerk is to contact Highways on both matters.
Breckland Council’s LDF Settlement Boundaries. Adrian Joel gave out maps and notes on the existing and proposed boundary to the village. It was being proposed by Breckland that there be no alteration to the existing village boundary. This was in line with the Parish Council’s policy that no further development or alteration to the village boundary should be allowed. There is a meeting on Thursday 28 January where the Parish Council will be able to express their views on the matter. Stephen Thorley said he would attend the meeting on the Council’?s behalf.
Any other business. Kerry Talbot said that because of the bad weather the Senior Citizens Christmas party had been postponed till a later date. Carol Marshall asked for the play area to be put on February agenda.
The next meeting of Old Buckenham Parish Council will be on Thursday 4 February in the Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.

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