Thursday, 19 February 2009

Additional sites for development?

Breckland Council Site Specific consultation
During the summer of 2008, Breckland residents were asked to comment on hundreds of sites which might potentially see development as part of the District’s Local Development Framework. During the following consultation, around 200 further sites were submitted to the Council, three of which are within the Parish of Old Buckenham. One is in Stacksford, another at the junction of Ragmere Road and Cake Street and the third in an area behind the village shop. A copy of the map showing the location of these sites in more detail will be printed in the March issue of the village newsletter. The opinion of local residents is being sought on these three sites.
Old Buckenham has been indentified as a “Local Service Centre” but has not been recommended for any further growth, just protection of the existing services in the village. As no new growth is proposed in Old Buckenham, the additional sites submitted to the Council have been classified as “Non-conforming” or “Unreasonable”. The chance to comment on these sites opened on Monday 16 February and goes on until Monday 30 March. More details on the consultation, as well as the document and maps for the entire district are available on The consultation document will also be available from the Parish Clerk (Mike Read on 01953 860920) and the District Councillor (Adrian Joel on 01953 860663).
Should you wish to make any observations, you can complete a comments form on line, or obtain printed copies from either Mike or Adrian.

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