Monday, 17 November 2008

Our Eleemosynary Charity

Twenty-five years as trustee
The Eleemosynary Charities' longest serving trustee was thanked for his contribution of long service, wise counsel and knowledge of the community at the trustees' meeting on Tuesday 11 November. Bill Wardman was appointed as a co-opted trustee, to replace Peter Bloom, in 1983 and was not joined by any of the current trustees until Colin Arksey took over from John Askew in 1985.
The Charities operate under a scheme drawn up in 1914 which put together four charities for the relief of poverty in the village, dating from 1565, 1622, and two from the Enclosure Act for the village in 1791. They have ten trustees, two ex officio (the Vicar of the Parish and the Lord of the Manor), six appointed by the parish council but not necessarily councillors, and two co-opted by the trustees. The current chairman is Colin Arksey.

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